Mikhail Roginsky - Artificial selection

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Mikhail Roginsky - Artificial selection.
Video, 11:43 min, 2017
TV Russia Culture

Mikhail Roginsky's studia in Creteil

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Mikhail Roginsky's studia in Creteil Video, 22:50 min, 1989
Interview was taken by a poet Viktor Krivylin.
@Alexandre Edelman

Mikhail Roginsky. Artist and painter

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Mikhail Roginsky. Artist and painter. Video 15.39 min ,1995-1996 © Arcady

Atelier of Mikhail Roginsky in Paris

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Video by Vadim Zakharov, 27 min.


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The video was kindly provided by National Centre for Contemporary Arts for exhibition " Mikhail Roginsky. Beyond the Red Door" Video 22,27 min, 2001

In Micha Roginski's studio

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In Micha Roginski's studio Video 10,23 min, 2001 by Ida Rapoport