Administration board

The founding members of the Mikhail Roginsky Foundation will receive lifetime appointments to the Foundation’s Administration Board: Inna Bazhenova as President, and Liana Shelia-Roginskaya as Vice Presidents.

The third member of the Foundation’s Administration Board shall be Mr. Roberto Francini, partner at the Amifiduciaria SA legal firm.


Inna Bazhenova, the President of Mikhail Roginsky Foundation.

An entrepreneur, an art collector, a publisher. Graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Nizhny Novgorod State University. Co-founder and principal at SBM Group of companies. Since 2006 collecting visual art and supporting various cultural projects. The publisher for The Art Newspaper Russia, since 2013 - the founder of the IN ARTIBUS cultural foundation.


Liana Shelia-Roginsky, the Vice-President of Mikhail Roginsky Foundation.

Fine art expert, interpreter. Graduated from the Department of Art History of the Faculty of History, Moscow State University. Since 1978 lives and works in Paris. At the present moment maintains the legacy of her deceased husband, an artist Mikhail Roginsky.