The Mikhail Roginsky Foundation is a Swiss public foundation created on 21 January 2014 in Lugano by Liana Shelia-Roginskaya, the artist’s widow, and by patron of the arts Inna Bazhenova, with the purpose of preserving and studying the artistic legacy of the Franco-Russian artist Mikhail Roginsky.

The Foundation possesses a large collection of Mikhail Roginsky’s works, which have been handed over to the charge of the Foundation by Liana Shelia-Roginskaya, as well as unique documentary materials from the archive of the artist’s widow.

An important objective of the Foundation is to search out and catalogue Mikhail Roginsky’s works located in both Russian and foreign, private and government collections, and to create an electronic database for their further study. In order to do this, an expert committee is being formed that will include Roginsky Foundation custodians at devisions of late 20th century art of major Russian museums, leading fine art critics, experts and technical specialists. One result of this collaboration will be the publication of a catalogue raisonné of the artist’s works.